Making upfront payments to strangers is risky!

Pay through Yay to keep your money safe throughout the transaction and build trust between strangers

Licensed Trustee Company engaged to protect your funds

Greater trust leads to successful transactions

Service fee as low as RM2

Payments protected by a Trustee Company

Your payments are safe with Yay!

Scam-free payments

Yay protects your upfront payments and deposits until the transaction has concluded, before releasing the payment to the seller. No more paying upfront directly to strangers and anxiously hoping the item arrives.

Reducing risks, building trust

Yay significantly reduces the risks involved when dealing with unknown people which builds trust between both the buyer and seller. This leads to successful transactions and stress-free buying and selling.

Payments held in a Licensed Trust Account

Your payments are securely held in a special trust account administered by a licensed Trustee Company so you can be confident that your money is safe in our hands


How to easily get started with the Yay app

The safer and smarter way to buy and sell online

Safely pay upfront, track your packages, chat and more! Yay’s app gives you greater transparency and control over your transactions, making it safer and stress-free

Wish you can pay using credit card when buying on Mudah or Carousell? Yay’s credit card payment option is here to save the day when you're low on cash

Sharing personal details such as your phone number or bank account to a stranger isn't a good idea. With Yay, all you need is to share your username and you're good to go

Carrying cash when meeting a stranger is risky! Meet-up, inspect the item and upon confirmation, Yay! will release the money directly to the seller

Hassle-free process to protect you from scams



Both buyer and seller will create and agree to the transaction on Yay! to ensure transparency & accountability



The buyer will then pay via the app directly into the Yay! trust account using online banking or credit card



Yay! protects the payment on the behalf of the buyer and seller to ensure a scam-free transaction



The seller will now fulfill the transaction by delivering the item or meeting-up with the buyer



If the item or service is as agreed upon, Yay! will release payment to the seller or it is refunded to the buyer

Minimal fees, maximum protection

With fees this low, why risk getting scammed?

Transaction amount RM200.00 and below

Flat Fee

Transaction amount RM200.01 to RM500

Flat Fee

Transaction amount RM500.01 to RM5,000

max RM35.00
% of transaction value

Transaction amount RM5000.01 to RM30,000

max RM225.00
% of transaction value
For transactions above RM30,000, please write in to enquire

Frequently asked questions

How does Yay protect my money from scammers?

Scammers typically strike by listing a desirable item at an attractive price, and will request upfront payments from interested buyers. Buyers not wanting to miss out on a great deal will then bank the money directly into the seller's account and will never receive the item. With Yay, buyers will no longer have to pay into the seller's account and payment will be made to Yay's instead. The payment is now secured, in trust, until the transaction has concluded and if a transaction is successful, Yay will release the payment to the seller, however if it turns out to be a scam, the payment will be refunded to the buyer.

What payment options do you accept?

Payments can be made via online bank transfers (FPX) and Malaysian credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

Why should I trust Yay with my money?

Yay!’s job is to protect your money and we take that job very seriously. Which is why we’ve engaged a licensed Trustee Company to hold all payments in a special Trust Account. All payments made through Yay are solely for payment to Sellers or refunds back to the Buyer. Yay will never have access to the payments except for the service fees that users pay to utilise Yay!’s services and payments will be disbursed to the rightful person based on the terms and outcome of the transaction.

Where can I use Yay and what transactions can Yay be used for?

Yay's standalone app is designed to be used to make safe up-front payments for all legal items and services found on any marketplace, whether it be online or offline. Just load up the app, create a transaction with the person you're buying or selling from, and let Yay guide you all the way to a successful transaction.

How long does it take for Yay! to make payouts?

Once a transaction has concluded, Yay! will begin the process of disbursing the money to the rightful beneficiary. This process will typically take only 1 working day and should take no more than 3 working days.

Can I store funds in Yay for a future purchase?

Payments made through Yay! are for current ongoing transactions. Yay! does not store funds for future purchases.

Why should Sellers use Yay?

Sellers will benefit from using Yay because Yay builds trust and credibility for the seller. Buyers will no longer be suspicious of sellers requesting up-front payments and this will lead to a higher chance of a successful transaction. Greater trust for a seller also leads to an increase in the number of potential buyers, especially buyers from other locations as buyers no longer need to rely on COD transactions to avoid being scammed. Yay’s app is also designed to help you manage your transactions better with all the features you need all in one app.

Who pays for Yay's service fees?

Yay's service fees can be paid entirely by the buyer or seller, or both parties may choose to share the cost.

Who should I contact if I have any more question?

Do write to us at and we will get back to you soonest possible.

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